Chanting Circle (mit Kevin James Caroll, Mi. 28.06.2017)

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Konzert voll Herz-öffnender Livemusik.

Nächster Termin: Mi 28.06.2017
Uhrzeit: 19:30h Einlass, 20h Konzert
Ort: YogaRaumBerlin
Contribution: 12€

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Chanting Circle mit Kevin James Caroll

Mittwoch, 28. Juni 2016, 20-22 Uhr (Einlass 19:30 Uhr)

Kevin James besucht den YogaRaumBerlin mit einem ganz besonderen Konzert. Freue dich auf einen Abend, der dich mitnimmt an einen Ort, an dem dein Herz sich öffnet, wenn wir gemeinsam singen, feiern, tanzen und tiefe Stille erfahren. 

Kevin verbindet Mantren aus verschiedenen Traditionen mit eigenen Texten und lässt daraus seine ‚Heartsongs‘ entstehen – Lieder die dein Herz öffnen. Die Intention dieser Musik ist es, Einheit durch gemeinsames Singen zu erzeugen und so unsere Verbundenheit zueinander deutlich zu fühlen. Kevin vermischt die Einflüsse aus traditionellem indischen Kirtan, Bhajans, keltischen und Sufi-Gesängen mit westlichen Klängen und typischen Instrumenten.

Beitrag: 12€

***english description***

Join Kevin James in his european tour 2017 for a beautiful Chanting circle of Kirtan & Heartsong!

Kevin James is a talented and experienced chant leader from Australia who has a unique ability to lead a room into ecstatic bliss and heart connection with his voice and songs.

Sing mantras, dance and fly together in the group consciousness, devotion and community spirit. Kevin James’ music is a world fusion of chanting. Weaving ancient Mantra’s with his own prayers and hearts song.

Kevin has been traveling the globe constantly for the last 7 years with the intention of joining hearts together with Mantra and Heartsong to re-connect and remember who we are beyond the illusions of ego. Kevin believes from this state of being we can be harmonious in our existence…

K. J. My journey has been inspired by many teachers, the most important of these being my mother. Here’s one of her wise quotes that influenced my journey. When I was in my 20’s I came home from a protest and my mother said…

“Son, why do you fight the mirror? If you want to create a positive change in this world, just create something so beautiful that others want to be a part of it.”

Contribution: 12 euros

Time: from 8.00 till 10.00 pm

Quotes from the circles…

“Your music has always given me that feeling of home, that everything was going to be ok, even when my surroundings didn’t feel ok. That oneness is possible. That there’s hope/light in the darkest of situations.” S.M.

“What a kind and gentle man and how inspiring. He made 150 souls shine and together with him, we were like swimming in a pool of positive energy, love and togetherness. Hope to join you again next time.” A.K.

“What an incredibly nourishing deep evening, feeling sound move through me in new ways opening up places that are longing also to be seen. A truly magical night of deep awakening and healing love. Thank you with love and gratitude.” P. X

About Kevin James Caroll

Weaving ancient Mantra’s with his own Heart Songs, Kevin’s music is a world fusion of devotional chanting, drawing upon influences from traditional Indian Kirtan, Rainbow Bhajans, Celtic and Sufi chants mixed with western folk sounds and world instruments.

Kevin facilitates and holds space for re-connection to the heart, community and healing. With the intention of joining with others to support positive change, Kevin travels continuously, sharing his presence and heartfelt voice with people from many different cultures and religions throughout the world to unite through the simple act of singing together in a way that is universal and free from religious dogma. To see the „One“ or the Divine in everyone and everything. A search beginning, continuing, and ending in love.